GWolf T-shirt (Soft) Launch

I am excited to announce that I am launching a T-shirt line. I have been plotting this idea for a year and I'm glad to say I'm making it really happen. I wanted to do a t-shirt line for 1  to create something that could be bold, simple and universal and 2 because I wanted to make extra cash. Yes, make some extra cash! I also ...


Cut Out

Supplies: Old or Thrifted Sweater Scissors Measuring Tape Paper/Marker (optional)   I'm so proud of myself. Another post! See... I'm the type of person that puts family and life 1st. Which causes me to not be as consistent with the blog as I would ultimately like. All I can do is not be so hard on ...



Supplies: Old or Thrifted Sweatshirt Iron-on Letters Iron *Measuring Tape & chalk (optional)   Get your head out of the gutter! You have 1 sick mind or we both have 1 sick mind. Well, I told you I had some more do it your self projects coming. Now, I know you probably are thinking what's up with the ...


Recap: The Swap

  I' am pleased to say that we held our 1st event this Saturday at Local 16 & it was a SUCCESS! I was scared, nervous and anxious all at the same time. I'm so happy and relieved that we were able to accomplish 1 of our goals this year. As well as having the event behind me. It was fun but it is a lot of work ...


DIY Wired Headband

  Supplies Needed  -Old or New Headband -Jewelry Wire -Wire Cutters or Pliers               OK, I'm back with another easy D.I.Y project. I came up with this idea in effort to transform my old headbands. 1 day I was searching around the house for 30 ...



Our 1st Event   The day is almost approaching and we can't wait. As you may or may not know GoldieWolf is throwing it's 1st event ever! What event you ask? A clothing swap and I am not doing it alone. My friend Kat (who has an accessories line called LockedArmoire) has joined forces with me to bring a spin to the ...


DIY Studded Lace Pockets (Jean Shirt)

D.I.Y Items: -Old Jean Shirt (with pockets) -Studs -Lace trim -Scissors -Measuring Tape     Jean me, stud me and lace me!  That's exactly how I'm feeling today. For some odd reason I had so much energy. I thought to myself...let me take advantage of this time because I know I will end up ...