August Update: 5 up 5 down

  It's been 1 month and 2 week since my weight gain post. Since then there has been no progress with dropping the pounds. I thought I would be full steam ahead and be committed but little did I know that would be all a dream. Okay. I started off good by watching my food choices, making daily journal entries in ...


Weight Gain

It's been months now since my last blog entry. Hello there! I wish I could be more dedicated to posting but I'm just not one of those people who can have real life situations pop off and still be focused with blog posting. Sorry. Please understand. Now on to a somewhat good foot, I've decided to track my weight loss ...


GWolf Designs: Room Makeover (8 year old girl)

Here's another room makeover. I'm happy to be posting something to this blog of mines. I hope you like this transformation I did as well. On a $200 budget I turned my client's 8 year old daughter's room from glue residue walls, no storage space and unorganized closet into a little pink and purple diva bungalow. She loved it! ...


GWolf Design:Baby Room Wall Makeover

It's been a few weeks since I've post anything to the blog. I'm not going to shame myself today. I do get carried away with my day to day life. I don't intentionally post so far apart but I do. It just happens. Can we carry on now? Thanks love you for that. As you know I'm becoming a great aunt at the age of 27. ...


Spring Fever

I am totally feeling the spring fever rather it's staying out as late as possible to enjoy the warm days, or eyeing the perfect spring dresses. Of course I am constantly on the lookout for chicest and socialite events in the DMV. Each and every day my calendar is becoming fuller yay! What better way to kick off ...


Cut Out

Supplies: Old or Thrifted Sweater Scissors Measuring Tape Paper/Marker (optional)   I'm so proud of myself. Another post! See... I'm the type of person that puts family and life 1st. Which causes me to not be as consistent with the blog as I would ultimately like. All I can do is not be so hard on ...



Supplies: Old or Thrifted Sweatshirt Iron-on Letters Iron *Measuring Tape & chalk (optional)   Get your head out of the gutter! You have 1 sick mind or we both have 1 sick mind. Well, I told you I had some more do it your self projects coming. Now, I know you probably are thinking what's up with the ...